The Network for a Healthy California Children's Power Play! Campaign is a statewide nutrition initiative for California's children. The goal is to encourage 9-11 year olds to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day for better health.

In an effort to reduce the risk of chronic diseases among California's children the mission of Power Play! is to conduct a statewide public health campaign that
increases children's consumption of fruits and vegetables to a minimum of 3 1/2 - 5 cups of fruits and vegetables and be physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Education Council leads the Network for a Healthy California Children's Power Play! Campaign in the Gold Country Region which includes 14 counties (Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Mono, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tuolumne, Yolo and Yuba). The Health Education Council provides a variety of education materials including individualized activity booklets called Idea & Resource Mini-Kits (a separate booklet for each channel listed below), Kid's Get Cookin' Cookbooks, posters, parent brochures, and more. All materials are free from the Council. Here are some ways you can get involved in
spreading the word about Power Play! to youth in your communities!


Schools play a vital role in teaching children about nutrition and physical activity. Since most children eat a large portion of their daily food at school, during breakfast and lunch, it's very important that schools provide their students with the most nutritious food.

Children also learn about the importance of physical activity at school. Physical education teachers are a very valuable part of the school faculty and are key to reducing the rate of overweight and obesity. Teachers, food service staff and other individuals at schools can deliver the Power Play! message through:

  • Classroom activities
  • Placing posters in classrooms and in cafeterias
  • School gardening projects
  • Cooking in the classroom, food demonstrations, or taste testing
  • Field trips to farmers markets and supermarket produce departments
Farmers' Markets:

Farmers are fundamental members of any society.
Farmers' Market staff can promote fruit & vegetable consumption among children by:

  • Providing taste testing and food demonstrations
  • Having a Power Play booth where kids can pick up games and quizzes that promote Power Play!
  • Sponsoring a Power Play! poster contest
  • Inviting classrooms to tour the market
  • Inviting farmers to speak to classrooms
Community Youth Organizations:

After school programs, summer youth programs, and a host of other youth serving agencies play a significant role in disseminating the Power Play! message. Youth leaders can utilize Campaign materials to support:

  • Gardening projects
  • Cooking activities, food demonstrations, taste testing, etc.
  • Field trips to farmers markets, supermarkets, and other foodservice production and service agencies
  • Hands on activities

The Campaign airs television Public Service Announcements during programs that appeal to pre-teens. The television spots reinforce and increase awareness of the Power Play! community efforts. Television, radio, and local publications support the Campaign by publicizing community efforts, school health issues, activities and educating parents and community members about the importance of Power Play! and physical activity for kids.

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